Dr. Duangrudee Tanramluk (ดวงฤดี ธารรำลึก)

I studied my PhD (Structural Bioinformatics & Drug Discovery) in Tom Blundell's group during 2005-2009. My doctoral research focused on the understanding of protein-ligand interactions to assist in drug design. Upon the completion of my degree, I submitted a thesis entitled "On the origins of enzyme inhibitor selectivity and promiscuity: a case study of protein kinase binding to staurosporine". The list of publications and my artwork can be found from my website. Currently, I am teaching structural bioinformatics at the Institute of Molecular Biosciences and work as a Principal Investigator at the Integrative Computational BioScience (ICBS) Center, Mahidol University, Thailand.

The website I have been developing to assist ligand design and linking chemical fragment to biochemical pathways and SNPs is called manoraa.org. Your feedback for the improvement of this web-service would be much appreciated.

Please keep in touch via social media, or email to duangrudee.tan at mahidol.ac.th

Figure shows 3D-stereoscopic picture of Protein kinase A pockets with staurosporine as a probe molecule